Sled Training

The Prowler sled offers many advantages and produces amazing results in a short time. Push/pull Prowler Sleds are a great way to build strength in your hips, legs, and arms. You can use it in competitions and team situations. It has an additional centre pole which allows for weight plates for added resistance.

We have the best conditioning and power development tools available, including the Prowlers and Sleds.

The Prowler Sled does not look like any other gym sled. For added resistance, the upright pushing poles can hold Olympic Weight Plates. These poles have a strong structure and can carry more weight than you are capable of.

4 Sled Training Workouts

# 1 Sled sprint pushes

This exercise is great for your upper body, especially your shoulders, core, and legs.

Place your sled on a flat surface where you can move straight for 25- 50 meters. Sprint the entire time. This is one repetition. Do the opposite and run another sprint with your sled. Do 10 reps per set.

#2 Push-pull circuit

A long strap with two handles can be attached.

Each circuit has two components. A push and a pull. Each exercise should be performed 10 times before you move on to the next.

#3 Standing sled chest presse

With the straps at your sides, stand facing the sled. To improve stability and allow you to push more weight onto the sled, take a slightly staggered starting position. The straps should be pressed slightly upward, similar to an incline dumbbell chest presses. Return to the original position and then repeat.

#4 Standing sled row

Straighten your arms and face the sled. As you pull the straps, bend your knees slightly and keep your spine straight (similar to how you would use a low-cable rower). After you have completed a row, go back a few steps so that the straps are taut again and then row again.

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