All You Need To Know To Set Up Your Commercial Gym or Home Gym

Are you looking for quality CrossFit equipment Brisbane? You have come to the right spot! AtomicMass not only makes and sells top-of-the-line weights, accessories, and gym equipment but also makes and sells amazing CrossFit equipment right in Brisbane. This blog post will explain what CrossFit is, including its health benefits, and show you some of the options available for CrossFit equipment at home and commercial gyms. CrossFit is a great way to get addicted to CrossFit.

What’s CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that you may have heard of if you’ve ever been to a commercial gym, or participated in any other type of exercise. What is CrossFit? Is it a sport? Another fitness trend? An elite exercise class? CrossFit, contrary to common belief, is a branded fitness program created by Greg Glassman, a fitness guru. CrossFit’s umbrella program combines a range of exercise types, including powerlifting and calisthenics. Strongman is even included.

CrossFit’s versatility and variety offer a multitude of benefits for individuals. CrossFit has many benefits, including improved flexibility, posture correction, muscle strength, balance, and increased strength. CrossFit’s primary goal is to perform high-intensity exercise that results in better overall health. CrossFit is a popular exercise program worldwide due to the incredible benefits it provides.

CrossFit Equipment Brisbane

High quality, durable CrossFit equipment is the foundation of any successful CrossFit program. Atomic Mass is a Brisbane-based company that makes high quality CrossFit equipment. High quality freestanding CrossFit rigs can be used for many CrossFit activities. You can use our kettlebells and suspension rings to enhance your workouts. All our CrossFit equipment is suitable for commercial or home gyms. For more information on our high-quality CrossFit equipment, read on!

CrossFit Rigs

AtomicMass offers Australian-made CrossFit rigs custom made to your specifications. We also stock other CrossFit rigs that are suitable for commercial or home gyms. To personalize your gym, you can add CrossFit accessories such as benches, dip handles, landmines and more. Below are details about the various types of CrossFit rigs that we offer, including wall-mounted and freestanding.

AtomicMass CrossFit Rigs

The Australian-made CrossFit Rigs will fit your home, studio, or commercial gym. Our AtomicMass CrossFit Rigs are made right here in Brisbane. These Australian-made rigs can be customized to your requirements and specifications.

We offer a wide range of CrossFit rigs, from single-cell rigs to large-sized CrossFit racks. You can also customize the shape, width, height, colour, and design, all with a lifetime guarantee. We have everything you need, from a 2200mm upright post to a 5700mm tall upright post. We offer chin up bars in single, double, and straight lengths.

All our CrossFit racks and rigs are durable and high quality. Accessories such as benches, dip handles and landmines are also available. These CrossFit rigs can be used in a home, studio, or commercial gym setting.

AtomicMass CrossFit Rigs have a lifetime warranty. This is the best thing about them. We will replace your broken rig if it breaks! Get a quote from us and discuss your perfect AtomicMass gym set-up.

Create Your Own Custom CrossFit Rig

We stock a variety of quality gym rigs in addition to the Australian-made AtomicMass CrossFit Rigs. AtomicMass allows you to build your CrossFit equipment package. You can easily choose and build your CrossFit rig using our dedicated section “Build Your Rig”. You can see some examples on our website to get an idea of all the possibilities. Our helpful team can help create the ideal CrossFit setup for your commercial or home gym. You can choose from multiple wall-mounted and multi-cell freestanding rigs. Add attachments, dip handles and additional storage.


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