Brisbane’s Premium Weightlifting Equipment

AtomicMass is a team of dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts who truly care about their customers’ weightlifting and fitness goals. Our commitment to quality sets us apart in the weightlifting equipment industry. We produce a variety of premium weightlifting gear in Brisbane. All of our products are quality controlled.

Our AtomicMass branded strength racks and gym benches are designed by our very own expert team of professional fitness equipment designers and are constructed from high quality and environmentally-sustainable BlueScope Steel. All strength benches and racks are Australian-made and come with a lifetime warranty. This is our commitment to you satisfaction and our promise to provide high-quality, durable, and effective gym equipment.

This blog post will give you an overview of how AtomicMass was founded and some of the best-selling weightlifting equipment that we made in Brisbane.

Our story

Rob Dahlhaus, a fitness enthusiast and health-conscious person, founded AtomicMass to fulfill his personal need for high quality weightlifting and gym equipment that could withstand the test of time. Rob recognized a need for high-quality gym products and he decided to make his own equipment using his 25+ years’ experience in welding and fabrication.

Rob started his journey by creating prototypes for his home gym. His YouTube channel began to grow and he started sharing DIY videos. Rob made weightlifting equipment at home in Brisbane. It was not only one of the most efficient he’d ever used but it also proved to be durable and highly effective. To support small businesses and boost the local economy, most of the supplies and materials were sourced from Australia.

Rob’s YouTube videos started gaining popularity and went viral. This allowed him to connect with thousands upon thousands of people interested in purchasing Rob’s home gym and fitness equipment. Rob’s DIY project grew into a fully-fledged company, with countless prototypes and samples. Rob recognized a need for high-quality fitness equipment, which was simply not available locally. He created some of the most popular gym and weightlifting products on the market today.

Now that you have a little bit of information about us, let’s look at some Australian-made weightlifting gear we offer at AtomicMass…

Australian made racks

All Australian-made racks AtomicMass brands are made in Brisbane. We have a variety of high-performing power racks, half racks and cages as well as squat stand. These racks can be used for a variety of purposes and are heavy-duty, highly customizable pieces of equipment.

Power racks

Made from high quality steel and powder coated with Dulux powder, our powerracks are made right here in Brisbane. They will be a great tool for anyone who wants to lift safely and effectively at home. Our high-quality rack attachments can be used to customize your weightlifting rack, including J hooks, dip handles, spotter arms and dip handles.

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