Plyometric Boxes

Check out our plyometric boxes if you want a compact and adjustable solution to improving speed and strength. Plyometric training is a great way to improve strength, speed and endurance. It provides a cardio-intense full body workout while increasing the movement range of the entire body. Our plyometric jump boxes are easy to incorporate into your daily exercise routine as they don’t require any other equipment besides the box itself!

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    Plyo Box Stackable

    $980.00 $790.00

    or 4 payments of $197.50

  • Timber Plyo Box

    Atomicmass Timber Plyometric Box


    or 4 payments of $41.25

  • Foam Plyometric Boxes Plyo Box Australia

    Atomicmass Foam Plyo Box


    or 4 payments of $66.25

  • Sale! steel Plyometric Box Set

    Steel Plyo Box Set

    $485.00 $325.00

    or 4 payments of $81.25