A deep look at Atomicmass Bumper Plates

Atomicmass is known for producing high-quality bumper plates which are durable, attractive, and perform well. We wanted to show you why Atomicmass bumper plates, and bumper-plate sets are so different from the rest.

High-quality materials

All of our bumper plates are made from virgin black rubber. This means that the rubber has not been degraded, recycled or mixed with glues, polymers or other bonding agents. You will not find lower quality bumper plates made from different types of rubber or chemicals. However, you can be sure that your bumper plates will be high-quality because Atomicmass only uses the best quality materials. Atomicmass only uses the highest quality materials for its production. This ensures that they will last many years without cracking or bending around the inner rings.

High performance

The bumper plates are excellent pieces of weightlifting and fitness equipment. Our bumper plates are made from thick virgin rubber, which gives them the ideal amount of bounce. They can be used for competition lifting, deadlifts overhead lifts, snatches power cleans and presses. Our bumper plates’ ‘bounce’ makes them safe and easy to use for weightlifters starting out. Our bumper plates are made of rubber and can absorb the impact of a drop, protecting your barbell, gym floor, and you. All Atomicmass bumper plates are compatible with our high-end Olympic standard barbells.

Our bumper plates are great for weightlifting and also offer many fitness options that can be done barbell-free. These bumper plates can be used for CrossFit or boot camp-style training as well as for exercises like Russian twists and farmer’s walks and abdominal work.

Choose a pair of weights that you feel comfortable lifting. These lighter and more comfortable bumper plates can be used for weight training, toning, or barbell-free weight training.

Once you have decided on the right weights for you, it’s time to pick bumper plates that match your fitness goals. Are you a competitor? Do you want to start weightlifting? Do you want to improve your health and get in shape? Atomicmass offers bumper plates for all fitness levels.

Olympic rubber-coated bumper plates

The AtomicMass Olympic rubber-coated bumper plates were designed for performance and are suitable for all levels of lifters. These rubber-coated Olympic weight plates are high quality and feature an Ezy tri grip as well as a stainless steel rolled Knurled internal ring. Our Olympic rubber coated bumper plates have a rolled stainless steel edge that allows for easy gliding on/off of your barbell.

Competition bumper plates

These bumper plates can be used for only one purpose: Olympic weightlifting competitions or training. Atomicmass offers the highest quality competition bumper plate. Each bumper plate has a colour code according to IWF specifications. These competition plates offer the best in performance and appearance.

Competition bumper plates have the advantage of being extremely reliable in weight verification. These plates are great for athletes because they come in many weights that meet the Olympic standard. These discs are for professional weightlifters. These competition bumper plates are extremely thin and have a very low bounce when dropped.

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