Gym Equipment

Browse our extensive range of top quality gym equipment manufactured to the highest standards. We supply everything you need to build your gym from flooring to racks, bumper plates and benches. Every piece of equipment is carefully packaged for transportation to your home where you’ll be able to construct your gym simply and efficiently. We ship Australia-wide making it more convenient than ever to access the best quality gym equipment online.

Fabrication Workshop

As gym equipment designers and manufacturers, we have unparalleled knowledge in the customisation of gym equipment. Looking for alterations to suit your specific requirements? Need help designing your home gym setup? Simply make an appointment and we will be happy to discuss your needs and tailor a solution perfect for you.


For both private and commercial gyms, we have extensive experience in consulting on the design, supply and construction of your gym. We can discuss options over the phone and visit your premises for measure and quotations. We can also assist in the custom design of specific equipment for commercial and home gyms, and further assist with sourcing the latest and best quality equipment.