In the early days of Strongman Training a “Strongman” was described as someone who was an exhibitor of pure strength.  Not too unlike an athlete maxing out for a one rep bench max.  Now Strongman Training has evolved into a sport on its own.  A sport of strength athletics.  The beauty of Strongman is that there is, realistically, no set technique to complete any movement.  No set number of events and not even a universal rule set to do each individual event.  Its non-uniformity is also what makes it the best way to train for Functional Strength (that is the strength that transfers to places outside of a weight room, like a football field or wrestling mat).  The days of the one rep max are gone and in its place is an endurance factor that when combined with lifting heavy weights results in a optimally effective training technique and the pinnacle of Functional Strength.    A combination of factors that is un-matched in other strength based sports like power lifting, body building, and crossfit.A winning Strength Athlete is often times not the strongest, but the most well rounded, well prepared, and mentally tough athlete in the competition.  Strongman Training won’t just make you strong it will make you complete as an athlete.

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