Rack Attachments & Accessories

Customise your Atomic Mass strength rack with our wide range of high quality rack attachments and accessories. Our durable and versatile attachment and accessories can be used with Atomic Mass power racks, cages, squat stands and more. Compliment your lift and enhance your strength training program with dip handles, spotter arms and more. Fast delivery Australia-wide!

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  • Multi Grip Bar Attachment

    Atomicmass Multi Grip Style Chin Up Bar


    or 4 payments of $106.25

  • beefy safety arms

    Atomicmass Beefy Safety Arms


    or 4 payments of $98.75

  • Atomicmass Weight Lifting Equipment

    Spotters arms (suited only to Atomicmass squat stands)


    or 4 payments of $73.75

  • Dip Handles for Gym Equipment

    Atomicmass Dip Handles


    or 4 payments of $47.50

  • pro style chin up bar

    Atomicmass Pro Style Chin Up Bar


    or 4 payments of $93.75

  • Spotter Arms Weight training

    Spotter Arms


    or 4 payments of $81.25

  • atomicmass luna hooks

    Atomicmasss Luna Hooks


    or 4 payments of $93.75

  • weightlifting power rack j hooks

    Atomicmasss Power Rack J Hooks


    or 4 payments of $71.25