Weightlifting enthusiasts will love our lifting platform. Manufactured for durability, each of our heavy-duty weightlifting platforms is carefully constructed from plywood and rubber matting enabling you to lift weights without a worry. These dedicated mats keep your weightlifting contained in a safe area and are highly absorbent of sound and vibration while also acting as a protective surface for your bumper plates.  Can be customised any size. Made to order item. We ship Australia-wide!

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  • Atomicmass weightlifting custom platform

    Atomicmass Weightlifting Platform

Open saturday Morning march 28, 2020 10am for warehouse clearance.
6 Leonard crescent Brendale.
Keep up to date with the products we are fabricating at our warehouse /workshop
We have squat stands, racks, benches , laser cut metal weight plates coming available
These will be unpainted to keep costs down
Stay safe and strong