Crossfit/Wallmount Rigs

Improve your overall fitness performance with quality cross training equipment from Atomic Mass. Our arsenal of kettlebells, suspension rings, medicine balls and more will amplify your workouts and allow you to integrate multiple training methods to achieve results. All of our cross training products are suitable for both commercial and home gyms. Jumpstart your cross training program today with Atomic Mass.

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  • 3 cell wall mount rig with trawler arms

  • double cell wall mount / double flying ladder

  • double cell wall mount / single flying ladder


    or 4 payments of $487.50 with Afterpay

  • Ninja Rig

    Functional Rigs / Ninja Rigs

  • single cell wall mount


    or 4 payments of $144.75 with Afterpay

  • 2 Cell Wall Mount Rig


    or 4 payments of $399.75 with Afterpay

  • Four cell Free standing

    4 Cell Free Standing Rig CF-011

  • Hi-Low 3 cell wall mount Cf-007

  • Free Standing Hi-Low Rig with Monkey Bars CF-013