Add versatility to your home or commercial gym with one of our landmines! Compatible with our range of racks, stands and barbells, landmines allow for intense and dynamic workouts that build core rotational stability and range of motion. Landmine workouts are also great for joint health, as the landmine puts less pressure on your joints and challenges your core muscles.

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  • Landmine



    or 4 payments of $19.50

  • Landmine- Torsonator package with 3 handle attachments


    or 4 payments of $41.25

  • T bar handle

    Single T Bar row handle


    or 4 payments of $6.00

  • T Bar Handle

    T Bar Row Handle


    or 4 payments of $12.00

  • Landmine Attachment - Atomicmass

    Atomicmass Landmine Attachment


    or 4 payments of $37.50