Specialist Barbells

Improve your arm and bicep strength with one of our Specialist Barbells. All of our weights, including our rubber coated Olympic bumper plates and Atomic Mass premium bumper plates, come in pairs and are fully compatible with our entire range of barbells. Atomic Mass also offers a variety of bar accessories to further customise your barbell. All weights and barbells ship Australia-wide!

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  • Solid 50mm axle Bar


    or 4 payments of $112.50

  • EZ bar Atomicmass Weight training

    4 Ft Olympic Ez Bar Black


    or 4 payments of $27.50

  • Atomicmass Home Gym Equipment - EZ Bar

    Atomicmass Fat Boy Ez Bar 2″ Diameter


    or 4 payments of $105.00

  • Bar rating of 1000lbs - 450kg. Net weight of the bar is 20.0kg. Barbell dimensions are 4 1/2ft - 1370mm long x 630mm front to back. Dual handles are Ø25mm shaft size spaced at 610mm centres, set of raised handles are 90mm above the bars axis. End sleeves to suit Olympic plates are Ø50mm x 300mm long plate loading capacity. Dual handle grips feature non slip knurling. Black Oxide coating

    4 1/2 FT Black Olympic Hex Shrug Deadlift Barbell


    or 4 payments of $53.75

  • Black Squat Safety Bar

    Olympic Squat Safety Bar


    or 4 payments of $67.50

  • olympic Swiss bar australia

    Olympic Swiss Bar


    or 4 payments of $73.75

  • Tricep bar

    Olympic Tricep Bar


    or 4 payments of $15.00

  • Tricep Bicep bar

    Olympic Tricep/Bicep Bar


    or 4 payments of $30.00