CrossFit Equipment 101: Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Your Home or Commercial Gym

Looking for high-quality CrossFit equipment in Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place! Not only does AtomicMass make and sell top of the line weights, fitness accessories and gym equipment, we also manufacture and sell amazing CrossFit equipment right here in Brisbane! In this blog post, we’ll take you through what CrossFit actually is (including its health benefits) and share some options we have for commercial and home gym CrossFit equipment. If you’re not already a CrossFit addict, you just might become one!

What is CrossFit?

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a commercial gym or been involved in any number of fitness activities, chances are you’ve heard of CrossFit. So, what exactly is it? A sport? Another fitness fad? An elite exercise class? Despite common misconceptions, CrossFit is actually a branded fitness regimen created by fitness guru, Greg Glassman. Under this umbrella regimen, CrossFit workouts combine a variety of exercise types including powerlifting, calisthenics, Strongman, and even gymnastics!

The variety and versatility of CrossFit provides individuals with an abundance of physical benefits. Enhanced flexibility, corrected posture, increased strength and muscle mass, and improved balance are just a few of the many benefits of CrossFit exercises. The primary objective of CrossFit is executing high-intensity exercises that yield better overall health for individuals. It’s no wonder CrossFit has exploded as an exercise regime worldwide given the amazing benefits it offers!


CrossFit Equipment in Brisbane

At the core of every successful CrossFit program is high quality and durable CrossFit equipment. If you’re living in Brisbane and looking to improve your overall fitness performance, Atomic Mass makes quality cross training and CrossFit equipment for gyms in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Our high quality free standing CrossFit rigs are perfect for a variety of CrossFit exercises. Our arsenal of kettlebellssuspension rings, medicine balls and more will amplify your workouts and allow you to integrate multiple training methods to achieve results. All of our pieces of CrossFit equipment are suitable for both commercial and home gyms. Read on for more information about our high quality CrossFit equipment for fitting out your dream gym!


AtomicMass CrossFit Equipment

CrossFit Rigs

Here at AtomicMass, we offer Australian-made rigs made right here in Brisbane, customised to suit your requirements. We also carry other imported CrossFit rigs – all suitable for both commercial and home gym settings. Add CrossFit equipment accessories like landmines, dip handles, benches and more to customise your gym zone. Read more about the different types of wall-mounted and free standing CrossFit rigs we offer below!


AtomicMass CrossFit Rigs

Our Australian-made CrossFit rigs are the way to go for fitting your home, studio or commercial gym. Made right here in Brisbane, our AtomicMass CrossFit rigs offer the ultimate in strength training. These Australian-made rigs are made to order and can be custom built based on your specifications and requirements.

From single cell CrossFit rigs to full-sized CrossFit rigs, we have it all and can customise the shape, height, length, width, colour and design all with a lifetime warranty. From a 2200 upright post to a 5700mm upright post, we have got you covered for all heights. Single, double and straight chin up bars available in all lengths and diameters.

Commercial-grade CrossFit rig made in Australia

All of our durable and high-quality CrossFit rigs and racks come standard with laser cut numbering and premium J-hooks. You can also add accessories like landmines, dip handles, benches and more. These CrossFit rigs are perfect for home, studio or commercial gym settings.

The best part about choosing AtomicMass CrossFit rigs is that our Australian-made rigs are backed by a lifetime warranty. This means if you break it, we replace it! Contact us for a quote and to discuss your ultimate AtomicMass gym fit-out.


Build Your Own Custom CrossFit Rig

In addition to our range of Australian-made AtomicMass CrossFit rigs, we also stock a range of other quality gym rig sections. Build your own customised CrossFit equipment package with AtomicMass. Our website’s dedicated “Build Your Rig” section allows you to easily pick and choose parts to build your ultimate dream CrossFit rig. Our website has a few examples to give you an idea of the endless possibilities and our helpful team can help you create the perfect CrossFit set up for your home or commercial gym. Choose from a variety of multi-cell freestanding and wall mounted rigs and add attachments, dip handles, additional storage, cannon ball grips and landmines and more!

2 Cell Rig free standing crossfit equipment for commercial gymsCustom free standing CrossFit rig – Click to view more


All of our wall-mounted and free standing CrossFit rigs have a nice polished finish, giving them a great aesthetic that only enhances their high performing functionality.

If you’re considering building a custom CrossFit gym or want to learn more about our custom CrossFit equipment packages, call us today! We can review your floor plans, present configuration ideas, and help you devise the best solution to maximize your fit out!



Once you’ve set up your CrossFit rigs and other primary CrossFit gym components, install some parallettes to take your gym zone to the next level! Sculpt and strengthen abs, pecs, triceps and upper arms and more with our top-quality parallettes. Parallettes are excellent body sculpting tools to use with body weight exercises as well as explosive and weighted movements. Our parallettes have a versatile design that accommodates front, close and wide grips as well as reverse dips. These versatile pieces of gym equipment are chrome steel foam covered for comfort, secure grip and floor protection.

Parallette/Equalizer bars


CrossFit Rings & Suspension Training Equipment

Another aspect of a high-functioning CrossFit gym is suspension training equipment. Suspension training is great for developing strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Our range suspension training equipment can be used in hundreds of dynamic CrossFit exercises that leverage gravity and bodyweight to achieve the results you’re after! Our rings are made with top-quality materials and can be taken anywhere to practice muscle ups, pull ups, ring push-ups and more.

Wood Gym Rings



The final step for fitting out your CrossFit gym is adding a variety of weights. Choose from our top of the line kettlebells, bumper plates and more! AtomicMass’ stripe bumper plates are made of thick virgin rubber and have coloured stripes and coloured weight markings. They are great looking plates with high end performance. AtomicMass’ high-temp weight plates are rubber crumbed and designed to be extremely durable and long lasting. They have a lower bounce and up to 30% noise and vibration reduction makes them perfect for repeated high-intensity usage in any Cross Fit box or commercial gym. Plus, our Hi-Temp bumper plates are backed by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer (excludes 5kg plates).

CrossFit equipment kettlebell athlete lifting


Hopefully this article has shed some light on fitting out you home, studio or commercial CrossFit gym. If you’re looking for high-quality, durable, and warranty-backed CrossFit equipment in Brisbane, look no further than Australian-owned AtomicMass! To browse our full range of CrossFit equipment, click the button below:

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