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At AtomicMass, our team is made up of devoted health and fitness enthusiasts that truly care about our customers and their fitness and weightlifting goals. Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from our competition in the weightlifting equipment market. We manufacture a range of premium weightlifting equipment in Brisbane and implement quality control on all of our fitness and gym products.

Our AtomicMass branded strength racks and gym benches are designed by our very own expert team of professional fitness equipment designers and are constructed from high quality and environmentally-sustainable BlueScope Steel. Our strength racks and benches are 100% Australian designed and backed by a lifetime guarantee – “if it breaks, we’ll replace it”. That’s our commitment to your satisfaction and our promise of high-grade, durable, effective gym equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll fill you in on how AtomicMass got started as well as some of our top-selling weightlifting equipment made right here in Brisbane.

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Our story

Health and fitness devotee, Rob Dahlhaus founded AtomicMass out of a personal desire for high quality gym and weightlifting equipment that would withstand the years. Rob saw a gap in the market for these kinds of high quality gym products, so he took his 25+ years of experience in the welding and fabrication industry and set out to create equipment on his own.

Rob began his process by crafting prototypes to fit out his own personal home gym. He began sharing DIY videos on YouTube and started to gain a following of fellow DIY-ers and gym enthusiasts. The pieces of weightlifting equipment that Rob crafted by hand at his home in Brisbane ended up being not only the most effective he had ever used, but also extremely durable and high performing. Most of the materials and supplies were and still are sourced here in Australia to fuel the local economy and support small business.

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Rob’s YouTube videos began gaining a following and even went viral, enabling him to connect with thousands of subscribers interested in their very own home gym & fitness equipment made by Rob. Three hundred pages of designs, countless samples and manufactured prototypes later, Rob’s DIY project became a full-blown company and AtomicMass gym and weightlifting equipment was born. Rob saw a need for quality fitness equipment that simply was not accessible locally and ended up creating some of the best gym and weightlifting equipment on the market today!

So now you know a bit about our story, let’s take a look at some of the Australian-made weightlifting equipment we offer here at AtomicMass…


Australian-made racks

AtomicMass branded Australian-made racks are made right here in Brisbane. We stock a range of high performing power racks, half racks, cages and squat stands. these racks are highly versatile, heavy duty, and fully customisable pieces of equipment.


Power racks

Manufactured right here in Brisbane from top quality steel and powder coated in Dulux powder, our power racks are great for anyone looking to train safely and effectively at home while pushing their lifting limits – you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one sooner! You can also customise your weightlifting rack with our range of high quality rack attachments and accessories including spotter arms, dip handles and J hooks.

Green goblin Rack by Atomicmass Weight training equipmentDemolition Power Rack – Click to view more

Heavy-duty squat stands

Improve the usability of your commercial gym and order one of our top performance squat stands. A compact weightlifting system, our Australian-made squat stands save space and allow for efficient and safe weight training in your commercial gym.

These high-quality squat stands are an effective weight training solution for patrons at all levels, including first-time weightlifters, and are fully adjustable to suit a variety of user heights. AtomicMass squat stands are made tough and built to last.

Atomicmass Commercial squat standsSquat Stand – Click to view more


Australian-made weightlifting benches

Atomic Mass branded gym benches are made and designed right here in Brisbane and perfect for all your bench presses & other exercises. We’re committed to the quality of our products and these heavy-duty benches are top of the line and designed by our expert welder and fabricator with over 25 years of experience. Constructed from top quality laser-cut steel, powder coated in Dulux powder for a durable finish and fitted out with comfortable padding and vinyl covering.

We stock a range of adjustable and flat gym benches, as well as GHD and hyperextension benches. Our bench frames come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY meaning if you break it, we’ll replace it. Made to order and fully customisable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one of these high-quality weightlifting benches sooner!

Incline Bench Black Atomicmass Strength EquipmentAdjustable Weightlifting Bench – Click to view more


Lifetime frame warranty

Because our weightlifting racks and benches are built to last the years, we account for any mishaps and accidents by offering a lifetime frame warranty. This means that if your bench or rack frame gets damaged in any way, we’ll replace it. All AtomicMass Australian-made racks and gym benches are built tough and backed by a lifetime frame warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your investment will withstand the years.



Imported weightlifting equipment

In addition to our range of Australian-made weightlifting equipment made right here in Brisbane, we also stock a variety of imported fitness and gym equipment for both personal and commercial gyms. We have a large range of quality racks which we have sourced to suit all budgets. Our range of imported fitness accessories and gym equipment meets our quality control requirements and offers some great affordable solutions for fitting out your home or commercial gym.

Atomicmass Half rack package

Half Rack Weight Tree – Click to view more

At Atomic Mass, we are passionate about helping Australians achieve their best health and fitness through quality equipment and products designed to work and built to last. Our gym & weightlifting equipment is here to do just that. AtomicMass is one of the few gym equipment retailers that produces our own weightlifting equipment right here in Australia. We believe that the best way to guarantee quality is to oversee the entire process from design to manufacturing which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our AtomicMass branded racks and benches – we know they’re amazing quality and we think you will too.

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