At Atomicmass, we pride ourselves on producing high end bumper plates that provide the ultimate in performance, quality, durability and aesthetics. With the wide array of bumper plates on the market today, we wanted to give you an inside look as to why Atomicmass bumper plates and bumper plate sets stand out amongst the crowd.

High quality materials

Our bumper plates are made with virgin black rubber, meaning that the rubber is and hasn’t been recycled, degraded or mixed with polymers, glues or other bonding agents. Lesser quality bumper plates are often made from a cocktail of different rubber types and chemicals – you can count on quality with Atomicmass rubber bumper plates because we always use high quality production materials. The fact that Atomicmass uses high quality materials in our production means that they will perform for years to come without bending, degrading, or weight cracking around the inner ring.


High performance

Our bumper plates are high performing pieces weightlifting and fitness equipment. The thick virgin rubber on our bumper plates give them the perfect amount of bounce, making them ideal for competition style lifting, deadlifts, overhead type lifts, snatches, power cleans and presses. The ‘bounce factor’ on our bumper plates also makes them safe and user-friendly for beginning weightlifters. The rubber composition of our bumper plates allows them to absorb the impact of the drop to help protect your barbell, the gym flooring, and yourself. Plus, all Atomicmass bumper plate sets are compatible with our line of high end Olympic standard barbells.

In addition to weightlifting, our bumper plates offer a myriad of fitness options for barbell-free training. You can use these bumper plates for CrossFit and boot camp-style training, and for exercises such as Russian twists, farmer’s walks, abdominal work, and more.

Atomicmass Bumper Plates for Home gym


A quick guide to choosing the right bumper plate set

Choosing the right bumper plates can seem a bit intimidating – where do you start? Not to worry, it’s actually not as daunting a task as it may seem! All you need to do is consider three factors when investing in a set of bumper plates:

  • Weight
  • Current ability
  • Future fitness goals

With these three factors in mind, choosing the right set of bumper plates for you will be a breeze. All Atomicmass bumper plates follow the International Weightlifting Federation (IMF) weight plate colour markings:

Green = 10 kg

Yellow = 15 kg

Blue= 20 kg

Red = 25 kg


When choosing weights, buy a pair with a weight that you know you are comfortable lifting. Not only will this serve as a good starting point, these lighter/comfortable bumper plates will be useful for toning exercises and barbell-free weight training.

Once you’ve landed on which weights are suitable for you, you’ll want to choose bumper plates that align with your fitness goals and abilities. Are you an athlete looking to compete? Are you just starting out with weightlifting? Are you aiming to get in shape to increase your overall health? Whichever level you are at and whatever your fitness goals may be, Atomicmass has bumper plates to suit your needs and abilities.


Olympic rubber coated bumper plates

Designed for performance, AtomicMass Olympic rubber coated bumper plates are durable and suitable for lifters of all levels. These high-quality rubber coated Olympic weight plates have an Ezy tri grip and a stainless steel rolled Knurled inner ring. The rolled stainless steel edged on our Olympic rubber coated bumper plates makes for easy glide on/off from your barbell and provides a perfect fit.

20kg olympic rubber coated bumper plates for weight lifting20kg Olympic rubber coated bumper plate – click to view more


Competition bumper plates

Competition bumper plates are made for one thing – Olympic weightlifting competitions and training. Atomicmass brings you the best in high end competition bumper plates. Each bumper plate is colour coded to IWF specifications. These competition plates are of high construction and finish providing the ultimate in performance and looks.

One of the primary benefits of competition bumper plates is that they are extremely reliable in tferms of exact weight. Competition plates generally come in a variety of Olympic standard-certified weights down to the gram, making them a great choice for athletes. These are professional-level discs for serious weightlifters. Competition bumper plates are very thin with a dead bounce when dropped.

Bumper platesClick to view more


Atomicmass competition bumper plate set:
• Price is for 140kg of bumpers (2 x each sized plate)
• 450mm plate diameter
• Raised lip around circumference
• 2 x 10kg plate 36mm thick. Green with white logo and 10kg markings
• 2 x 15kg plate 42mm thick. Yellow with white logo and 15kg markings
• 2 x 20kg plate 54mm thick. Blue with white logo and 20kg markings
• 25kg plate 67mm thick. Red with white logo and 25kg markings
• Virgin Rubber with centre disc constructed of zinc coated steel.
• 6 x 10mm socket heads and nylock nuts securely hold the centre discs tight.
• suitable for any commercial, studios or home gym.
• weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams of claimed weight


Standard bumper plates

Atomicmass standard bumper plates are made of dense rubber which gives them a lot of bounce when dropped after a lift. The thick rubber on our standard bumper plates allows them to be safely loaded and dropped without causing injury or damage to the plates, lifting platform or the gym flooring. Bumper plates are always a great option for home gyms because they are safer and quiet than other weight plates.

Standard bumper plate set – click to view more


HG and Elite coloured stripe bumper plates

Atomicmass HG and elite coloured stripe bumper plates are slightly thicker compared to our competition plates, but also slightly thinner compared to other rubber standard bumper plates on the market. Our coloured bumper plates follow a weight designation scheme outlined by the IWF and followed by manufacturers throughout the world.

AtomicMass’ stripe bumper plates are made of thick virgin rubber and have coloured stripes and coloured weight markings. They are great looking plates with high end performance.

Atomicmass 150kg Bumper Plate set

Elite stripe bumper plate set – click to view more

  • Thinner than most standard rubber bumper plates allowing more weight on the bar.
  • 304 Stainless Steel internal sleeve to fit Olympic Bar
  • Coloured stripe and weight markings in IWF colours
  • 15kg plate is 48mm thick. Black plate with yellow colour stripe and yellow 15kg markings
  • suitable for any commercial, studios or home gym.


So now you know more than the average gym-goer – so which bumper plate set do you choose when at the gym or for personal use in your own home gym? The answer lies in your fitness abilities and weightlifting and training goals. If you’re an experienced weightlifter or an athlete looking to compete, we recommend trying a set of competition bumper plates. Our 140kg competition bumper plate set is a great option for weightlifting athletes. If you’re a beginner to mid-level lifter looking to outfit your home gym, our AtomicMass 100kg Bumper Plate + Olympic Barbell package is a great place to start (and a great deal too!).


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