CrossFit Equipment 101: Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Your Home or Commercial Gym

Looking for high-quality CrossFit equipment in Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place! Not only does AtomicMass make and sell top of the line weights, fitness accessories and gym equipment, we also manufacture and sell amazing CrossFit equipment right here in Brisbane! In this blog post, we’ll take you through what CrossFit actually is (including … Read More

Atomicmass Platforms

Premium Weightlifting Equipment Made in Brisbane

At AtomicMass, our team is made up of devoted health and fitness enthusiasts that truly care about our customers and their fitness and weightlifting goals. Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from our competition in the weightlifting equipment market. We manufacture a range of premium weightlifting equipment in Brisbane and implement quality … Read More

10 Dumbbell Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

  Dumbbells have been a gym equipment staple since the dawn of fitness. Many people assume that dumbbells are solely for upper body exercises, but that’s just not true! Dumbbells are dynamic and versatile pieces of gym equipment that can be used to train the entire body. One great thing about dumbbells is that they … Read More

Atomicmass Belt Squat

The Atomicmass Belt Squat

Looking to improve your squat form? Then this is the machine for you! This is the Atomicmass belt squat, which is a commercial plate loaded machine exclusively manufactured here in Brisbane. The belt squat machine is incredibly effective that delivers all the results of barbell squatting. The advantage of the belt squat is it delivers the result without having … Read More

Power Lifting Equipment: a Beginner’s Guide to Getting Maximum Results with Minimum Equipment

Do you thrive on weight lifting workouts? Are you ready to walk away from overcrowded commercial gyms? Do the logistics of getting to the gym around busy work and lifestyle commitments mean that you miss out on workouts? The convenience of being able to work out on your own schedule, without commuting, without waiting to … Read More

Looking for Strength Training Equipment in Brisbane? Top 5 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Gym

Are you ready to set up your own home gym? Here’s our quick guide to buying the strength training equipment you need to work out at home whenever it suits you. 1. Set up for strength training: barbells, weight plates and benches to make it happen Before you start, do some research and make a … Read More

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